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Entertainment Services

Entertainment Facilities
It is an honor for us to entertain your guests. Enjoying the expert and experienced staff, the management expresses a readiness to hold seminars at the highest level of entertainment. We will undertake the following in holding your ceremonies:
- Providing guests’ satisfaction
- Punctuality in presenting services and meeting the guests’ needs
- Presenting the required services at the highest level of quality
- Presenting various services in different levels for you to facilitate your choice
- Using experienced and trained personnel
Kinds of Service
We express our readiness to hold lunch and dinner ceremonies as well as entertainments between meetings based on your choice of menu and points of view.
Part of serving methods is as follows:
-buffet – sitting service
-buffet – standing service
-plate service
-French service
-VIP service

RICC, hoping to meet you, expresses its readiness to announce the following to determine the entertainment and services level :

• VIP Special Menu
• Special Menu
• Special Farangi Menu
• Farangi Menu
• Food Menu 1
• Food Menu 2
• Food Menu 3
• Scientific Seminars Menu (Suggestive)
• Single – meal Special Menu
• Repast in – break Entertainment
• Welcome Menu
• Breakfast Menu
• Rayzan Dessert Menu
• Special Eftari Menu

Audio/Visual Services

a) Video making
b) Professional Photography
c) Simultaneous Translation machine, headphones and translator
d) Execution of light and music show, Follow light, laser show (special multi – million colors)
e) Making clips, Tissers, short shots from ceremonies
f ) Mobile unit

Formality Services

a) Special flower decoration in four levels [A,B,C,D]
b) Touring services
c) Renting old and new car with drivers for guests transportation
d) Possibility to use RICC special sms number and having a system for suggestions
e) Possibility to issue visa for foreign guests and coordinations in welcoming and seeing off via airport pavilion
f ) Possibility to put up conference guests at hotel and their transportation
g) Assigning a group to welcome and see off the guests guide, guards and Rexcuting staff inside the halls
h) Offering some staff for guiding and formalities.

Art and Cultural Services

a) Having host, advisor and director for programs and performances
b) Executing cultural and music programs including pop, traditional and international groups in four levels [A,B,C,D]
c) Koran reader
d) Inviting spectacular figures such as actors, and athletes to attend ceremonies
e) Inviting acting and comedian groups
f ) Designing inside the halls and meeting rooms

Advertising and Information Services

a) Design and prints of banners as well as advertising signs, graphic and publishing works
b) Provision of advertising presents, awards, letters of appreciation, and folders with conference emblem
c) News coverage, casting news as well as setting up a news headquarter
d) Holding news conferences and press meetings
e) Possibility to have special advertisement on special RICC site
f ) Making tissers, having special advertisement and casting it on TV channels
g) Renting bill board, and press advertisements to inform
h) Having secretariate
i ) Designing and making, temporary or permanent website for conferences

Suggestive Art-Cultural Stations

a) Ancient Tehran station: A location for old-aged, antique cars along with artistis clad in old Tehran people dresse and taking memorial photos
b) Photography station: located out doors, on a top situation back of Rasoul-e-Akram Hall with a nice stage. Attended by Professional photographers and taking group photos.
c) Music station: Playing and Performing your music in karaoke style along with performing music in background and entertainments.
d) Kids station: Attended by Melika Zarei (Aunt Shadooneh).
e) magic tricks station: Attended by a top-notch magician
f) Inventions and Genius station: on the conditions of receiving a permit from science ministry.
g) Caricature Station: Attended by two out standing caricaturists and artists to drow our guests’Portraits.


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